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Floor Guides & Tracks

Besam Break-Out Floor Guide Track (Per mtr)

This product is priced per metre..

Besam Floor Guide - Pin Type


Besam PSA Break-Out Floor Guide Shoe


Besam Standard Floor Guide

Standard Besam style floor guide which has a 24mm wide nylon block...

Besam Standard Floor Guide Block (Only)


Besam STD Floor Guide Track (Per Meter)

Door channel at 30mm x 30mm for standard and telescopic floor guides this has a 24mm internal channel size & is supplied per mtr...

Dor-O-Matic Break-Out Floor Guide Shoe


Dor-O-Matic Double Roller Floor Guide

Dor-O-Matic Double Roller Floor Guide..

Dorma Breakout Floor Guide Shoe


Dorma ES 60/70/90 Floor Guide Track @ 1000mm (Per Metre)

Price is per mtr..

Dorma STD Floor Guide (No Cover)


Dorma Telescopic Floor Guide


Erreka ASN Floor Guide

 Erreka ASN Floor Guide..

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