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Retrofit Kit Details

APA offer what we believe is currently the quickest and easiest retro-fitting solution in the market today.

When confronted with old / obsolete equipment or the extortionately high cost for some manufacturer’s spare parts, then an ideal remedy is to carry out the “retro-fitting” of that operator. “Retro-fitting” is the process of replacing all of the operating equipment of an old / obsolete sliding door operator and replacing it with new and up-to-date equipment, but retaining the original mechanical parts. So providing the track and wheels are in a good condition, then the “retro-fit” is ideally suited.

APA are now pleased to offer our “EZI-FIT” modular retro-fitting system for a wide range of makes / models of automatic sliding doors (ask for our current list).
The APA EZI-FIT module retrofit system has been designed by the original designer of another well-known retrofit kit but made to be better and easier to install.

A lot of work has gone into making this as easy to fit as a motor/gearbox replacement.

In fact, we believe most of our retrofit kits can be installed in under an hour.

No difficult belt bracket conversions with different drive belt, and no re-handing of equipment.

All the parts come pre-fitted on a make / model specifically designed module plate, and come complete with the correct pulley to re-use existing drive belts.

The package also comes complete with our new 5 position LCD display switch which has been design for ease of use by the end user. A clear and concise display of the controllers set function; i.e  Off  -  Exit  -  Auto  -  Partial  -  Open

  • Easy on screen programming for the changing of functions and adjustments

  • Motor lock as standard

  • Fully EN 16005 compliant when used with monitored sensors.

  • 12 month Warranty of major components (batteries excluded)

  • Free Training offered